Real Techniques Bold Metals Brushes REVIEW

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  I've been eyeing up the Real Techniques Bold Metals brushes as soon as I discovered they were being released, so when I saw they have a set of three in Boots at half-price I just had to purchase! I also picked up a few more silver eye brushes in a clearance at the Boots I work at £3 each.

  The Real Technique Bold Metals Essentials with Clutch Bag, contains one of each of the ranges - Gold for face brushes, rose gold for finishing brushes and silver for eye brushes. The face brush in the collection is an exclusive to the set - meaning you can only obtain this brush through purchasing the whole set. The 103 is an Angled Powder Brush, with the "largest head yet.". It is rather big, however if you have a massive forehead like myself then this brush is perfect for bronzing the forehead and neck.

 The rose gold brush of the set is one that you can buy separately, the 300 Tapered Blush. This was the brush I struggle with the most of the set. It's supposed to by used for blush, however I just find it such an awkward shape that it's almost too big for my neck and it ends up applying way to much product in a small area.

 The 200 Oval Shadow brush is the silver eye brush of the set. Similar to the 300 Tapered Blush brush, it's slightly too big for my eyelids. However, I do tend to use to the blend out any shadow I have going on in my crease.

 The next two silver brushes I picked up separately for the collection, purely for their cheap price in a local clearance. The 201 Pointed Crease brush is exactly what it says on the tin. This brush is perfectly dense and sized to fit perfect in your crease or in that outer-v.

 The 202 Angled Liner brush on the other hand, I tend to use for a completely different purpose that what it's supposed to be used for. I struggle to use this brush for liner, and I don't it leaves a defined enough liner. But, this is the perfect eyebrow brush. The size allows you to apply brow products to fill in them brows to perfection. I can't use any of my previous brush anymore now - they just apply to heavily in comparison to the 202.

Have you used any of the Bold Metals Collection?

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