First Impressions: Urban Decay's Naked Basics 1&2

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 Recently I've had such a problem with buying eyeshadow that someone needs to come and hide my card from me to prevent me from purchasing anymore. The Naked Basics from Urban Decay have been on my wishlist for quiet sometime (as well as the new Gwen Stefani palette from Urban Decay) so on a recent trip to Debenhams I just couldn't help myself.

 They are the perfect everyday mattes; the first Naked Basics it more cooled toned then the second Naked Basics. My most used shades from the first Naked Basics is Foxy, a paled yellow toned flesh colour, and Naked 2, a pale brown that is perfect to blend into your crease. I also use Faint to fill in my brows, followed with Crave to create that (attempted) 'Instagram brow'.

 I used the second Naked Basics a lot less then I do the first one, although I love Undone for darkening up my crease when I'm creating a deep smokey eye. Skimp is also the perfect pearl highlight that I pop on my brow bone and just in the inner corner of my eye.

 The formula of these eyeshadows are perfect. I normally struggle with blending out mattes, but these shadows from Urban Decay have such a creamy and blendable texture. They are also highly pigmented which is perfect, especially with the lighter shades in the palettes.

 I highly recommend these palettes - although I doubt you need both - to anyone that is looking for a palette to use everyday or looking for some mattes to complete your eye look.

Do you own any Naked Basic palette? Do you recommend any other matte palettes?

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  1. I have the first Naked basics palette and love it - but don't actually use them for my eyeshadows, I use it for my brows!

    I would really recommend the Makeup Revolution Matte palette, I really love it. I have also been looking to get the too faced Matte Neutrals which looks beautiful