My First Experience With MAC

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I know, I know, a Beauty Blogger that hadn't tried MAC yet - or even set foot in a MAC store. So for my birthday, my beautiful boyfriend treated to me to some products I'd had my eye on for a while. I decided on the ever so hyped lipstick (thanks Kylie) in Velvet Teddy, a lipliner in Spice, their Face and Body foundation and the famous Prep & Prime Fix +. (I ordered online and delivery came within 2 days)

Lipstick in Velvet Teddy
I've heard so much about MAC's lipsticks (and the shade Velvet Teddy) that trying one was at the top of my list. If any of my friends had a MAC product - it was a lipstick. I decided to play it safe and settle with Velvet Teddy (over the very bold So Chaud I'd been drooling over).

The formula leaves a matte finish, one that is creamy and comfortable to wear. However; I found that over the course of the day, it got quite drying. This doesn't ruin it's life span though, I find that this lasts so long on the lips and can even endure eating and drinking - which is a must in a lipstick I wear. I would defiantly re-purchase this and can't wait to try more lipsticks from MAC.

Lip Pencil in Spice 
I chose the colour Spice as it had more of a red tone then Velvet Teddy, although still quite a brown nude at the same time, and I felt it would suit a number of my lipsticks I already had. The lasting power was outstanding - I didn't have to re-touch all day, even after eating and drinking - however the texture and formula remind me of GOSH lipliners; which are a fraction of the price so I might save my money in the future.

Face and Body Foundation in C1
I researched so much into every MAC foundation before making my choice - and I'll be honest, I do have some regrets on choosing this one.

First of all, it's extremely oily and greasy - I find myself waiting ages for it to set before applying any of my other makeup. It also is recommended that it's applied with fingers - which I find messy - as it warms the product up and makes it grow thicker in texture. This is an put off for me, as I hate using my fingers with makeup! But that might just be me being a tad over OCD.  

Besides the application, once the foundation sets and the rest of my makeup is complete, this foundation leaves a flawless finish. I chose Face and Body for the dewy finish and although this is a tad more greasy then I expected, the finish leaves a second skin appearance. It just looks so natural and seems to make my face glow.

I'll be writing a more in-depth review on MAC's Face and Body Foundation for anyone that would love to read more on my experience using the product.

Prep & Prime Fix +
Last and certainly not least - in fact this is my overall favorite out of the products - is MAC's Prep and Prime Fix +. This spray can be used before or/and after makeup application, but I tend to use it afterwards. Fix + literally keeps my makeup in check and looking good all day

I'm so impressed with the lasting power this gives my makeup, even my drug foundations extend their life span with a spray of Fix +. Out of the four products, Fix + is the one I would highly recommend.

What's your experience with MAC? Is there anything you'd suggest I try?

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  1. LOVE mac!
    Jabeen x

  2. A great easy to use product is their cremeblend blush. I love the colour britwit. You can also use it as a lipstick!
    Amina xx |

  3. I am glad you enjoyed your MAC goodies! I have velvet teddy too and love it. Twig is also another great colour. I have a top 5 MAC lipsticks post on my blog if you are interested in seeing some swatches :).

    Christie x

  4. I love the mac studio fix foundation, and I've never tried the face and body but I really want to.


  5. I'd definitely say that MAC is worthy of its fab reputation; their products are of such high quality, but not overly extortionate. I've always chosen products because they catch my eye, rather than because someone famous wore them or because there's a hype surrounding them. You discover the best products that way! I love the Nightmoth lip liner paired with Sin lipstick for a vampy look. Would definitely recommend the transparent setting powder xx

    Laura | Lala London: Beauty & Lifestyle

  6. Great post! I'm a major fan of the mac concealers, they're so reliable and do a great job. Mac fix + was only meh for me, i do like it, but it's not anything special.