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I have been so obsessed with the health of my skin lately, but before I start telling you about all the wonderful goodies I've hauled this past month, I just want to say that the key to healthy skin starts from within - I try to drink 2 litres of water a day, to keep myself and my skin hydrated.    
My skin is combination skin. I have large pores just above my cheeks, get oily around the T-Zone and dry around my mouth and jawline. My skin is also sensitive and I develop patches of eczema from time to time, so it's hard for me to find skincare products that work.

Soap and Glory Make Yourself Youthful Rejuvenating Eye Cream 15ml
This product isn't amazing but it isn't terribly bad either. It's nice and cooling on the eyes and I've noticed it has helped eliminate some fine lines. Is it the bag buster I'd hoped for? No, but it doesn't claim to be. Being my first eye cream I've ever used, I can't really compare it to anything. However, it does leave my under eye feeling perkier and soft - and it does look better than it used to before the using the cream. I'd be careful not to get this product in your eye though, it can really sting.

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water 400ml
I picked this beauty up from Boots for £3 and it's probably the best micellar water I've used yet. It feels just like water and takes my makeup clean off. It doesn't irritate or dry out my skin. My only problem with it is that it has a scent to it that I just can't put my finger on, however it's not an unpleasant one. I would highly recommend you to purchase this if you haven't already.

Simple Kind To Skin Micellar Cleansing Water 200ml
I was impressed with Simple's answer to micellar water, however I found this irritated my eyes a little bit. It leaves a fresh and clean feeling to the skin and I find it removes my makeup well, although I find myself leaning towards the Garnier micellar water more.

Maybelline Baby Lips Lip Balm (Melon Mania and Peach Punch)
I'm slightly disappointed with the Baby Lips. I picked both flavors/shades/smells up from Tesco for £2.99 each. They smell so delicious but I just wouldn't use these as a treatment for my lips. Whilst on my lips, my lips feel amazingly soft and moisturized and they look great, but this doesn't last a mere 10 minutes. As as lip balm I'd rate this has a 4/10 and tend to use these as over-the-lipstick-glosses.

Witch Skincare Blemish Stick 10g
Yay finally something that works and totally zaps my breakouts to death! I picked this up at Tesco in the sale and immediately covered my breakouts with this and BAM - the morning after, they were almost gone. I'd only use this if you really need to because it can bring spots out to the surface.

Witch Skincare Pore Minimizing Gel Wash 200ml
This gel wash from Witch Skincare claim to minimize pores, and I'm proud to say that it most certainly does! I love how my face feels after I use this wash and I've noticed that my skin is less prone to breakouts after using this every night before I go to bed. My only complaint is that it can make my face feel tight and slightly dry.

Witch Exfoliating Face Wash 150ml
I love this exfoliating face wash as much as I love the Pore Minimizing Gel Wash from Witch Skincare. Again it leaves me feeling clean and clear although it can be slightly drying. I highly suggest this to anyone that's looking for a exfoliating face to battle and prevent breakouts.

Botanics All Bright Hydrating Day Cream 50ml
An all-natural, light weight day cream that leaves my face feeling baby soft. I just pop this on and let it soak in and dry before I start my make-up routine. I've also noticed that my skin looks brighter and almost healthier after using this every day for a few weeks. 

Botanics Instant Moisture Mist 150ml
Spray on your legs, rub it in and you're good to go. This moisture mist drys in seconds so it's also good if you're in a rush in the morning. Much like the all-natural day cream, this moisture mist left my skin feeling silky soft all day. 

La Roche-Posay Make-Up Remover Micellar Water Gel 195ml
A new product from La Roche-Posay this Micellar Water Gel is unlike your usual micellar water. Being a gel, I use this is on a damp face after already having removed my makeup - just to remove anything that I may have missed. It's not drying at all, but I think I prefer using normal micellar water. This product is nice when you're in the shower or bath. 

Have you used any of these products? What's your skincare routine? 

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  1. Great post, lovely photo as per usual!
    charlotte //

  2. This post has inspired me to go out and try some new skincare - I tend to stick to the same products when it comes to cleansing, but I need to switch it up x

  3. You've picked great products. I've never heard about Witch brand. Seems interesting. ☺

  4. You've picked great products. I've never heard about Witch brand. Seems interesting. ☺

  5. You've picked great products. I've never heard about Witch brand. Seems interesting. ☺